Yant & Marc is a bakery from Acámbaro, Guanajuato located in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. The company produces and sells traditional Acambaro-style bread. 
Yant & Marc had so far focused only on bread production and distribution, however they were looking to expand their business by entering more local stores and mini-supermarkets. 
Yant & Marc needed more information about the competition, how to improve their packaging and in turn, their sales.

Katheryn Best (2007) Management del Diseño. Barcelona (España) Editorial Parramón

Primary research was conducted by Online Survey and a Focus Group. The aim of the survey was to get more insights into how the general public views the product, and gather information about its visual appearance. The aim of the focus group was to gather feedback on appearance, packaging on the product and competitor’s products.
According to the survey, the most important aspect for consumers is the flavor of the product followed by the appearance. Packaging Design influences customers at the moment of purchase. Packaging must communicate the product and give enough information to the client. 

Yant & Marc’s product must be catchy enough to stand among the competitors. According to the focus group, packaging must predict product’s flavor. Colors and materials influence on the expectations of the consumers, for that reason the packaging must be attractive but also sincere. Yant & Marc’s product has an excellent quality baked under highest cleanness standards, and it exceeded participants expectations. Participants commented that is important to find an equilibrium between quality, tradition and innovation.
Market Analysis 
Mapping Activity System
The most important factor in Yant & Marc is their product. Therefore, Yant & Marc should pay more attention to the factors that involve bringing product to market like administration, marketing, advertising, promotion, production and human resources. By now, is imperative that the company develops an action plan in which they categorize their activities by priorities. Yant & Marc’s strategy must focused in the freshness of their product. Everything at the company must be involved with the freshness ideology.

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